OSSIA: ‘Devil’s Dance’ LP

OSSIA’s debut LP Devil’s Dance is an album that we are really stoked on at the moment. OSSIA is an ambient producer from Bristol who makes deeply atmospheric, minimal electronic music. Devil’s Dance is a dense album that clearly encapsulates his artistic identity. It’s equal parts intense and relaxing, and the unfolding spiritual journey rewards listeners’ patience.

Opening track “Concrete” begins with a swirl of fuzzy static that swells amongst a cavernous sonic backdrop. Subtle and ominous, he then takes us to the winding saxophone notes on “Radiation,” with helicopter-like waves of ambient noise pulsating in the background – ratcheting up the adrenaline and suspense. From there, the album adds stabby beats and industrial atmospherics on its self-titled track, followed by a dose of ravey, warped synths on the jittery freakout “Dub Hell.” After hitting its uptempo peak here, the album’s energy level winds back down, culminating in the cathartic, spastic closer “Vertigo.” Screaming vocal samples, eerie humming, haunting sax notes, mechanical pings, and a plethora of other shadowy sonic glitches round out this 23-minute epic. It’s a sparse, spacey, and noirish conclusion tying all the album’s dark impulses together in dramatic fashion.

Ultimately, Devil’s Dance serves as a beautiful backdrop for OSSIA’s mediations on moral conflict. It’s a tapestry of guttural, unpredictable sounds and impulses lurking around each beat and wall of swelling noise, and it has us excited for what he’s got cooking next. You can purchase it HERE or sample it below via Soundcloud.

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