Palare Gaffa: “Get This Right”

Palare Gaffa is the dream-pop-tinged moniker of Los Angeles indie musician Dylan Herrera. Last year, he released a number of excellent tracks including a particularly lovely tune in late December – the lush, reverb-soaked single “Get This Right.”

“All the things you thought you knew/ About the world have all come true/ People aren’t as cool as they/ Pretend to always be,” he croons over crunchy lo-fi guitar melodies and pulsating electronic percussion. Full of melancholy and bravado, Herrera’s lyrical gaze touches on topics like self-doubt, artifice, and ambivalence over flowing, dreamy indie-rock soundscapes. “Get This Right” is bright and full of passion, and a sign of big things to come for Palare Gaffe. The second he releases more new material, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, you can buy “Get This Right” HERE and listen below via Bandcamp.

One thought on “Palare Gaffa: “Get This Right”

  • March 14, 2019 at 1:24 am

    Awesome article to highlight an amazing artist!


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