Concert Preview: The Monochrome Set at Soda Bar (3/9)

The Monochrome set are a pioneering group who were part of the first wave of post-punk bands to emerge out of England in the late ‘70s. Formed in London in 1978, the original lineup consisted of frontman Bid, guitarist Lester Square, drummer John D. Haney and bassist Charlie X. The group would go on to release a number of landmark albums including 1980’s Strange Boutique and Love Zombies, 1982’s Eligible Bachelors, and many others. Also, debut single “He’s Frank” and “Love Zombies” remain personal favorites of ours.

After a few breakups and lineup changes, the group re-formed in 2008 with original members Bid and Square aboard, and they haven’t looked back since. In addition to comeback albums such as Platinum Coils and Space Everywhere, the band released a new LP last year titled Maisieworld. It’s a groovy and jangly concept album full of eclectic surprises, stylistic left-turns and momentum-shifting detours. Furthermore, banjos, saxophones, brooding vocals, and anthemic trumpets pepper the entire album. “Cyber Son” is a bold single packing dense layers and fearless vibes into a tight three minutes. Meanwhile, opening track “Give Me Your Youth” is slinky and playful, full of rattling percussion, growling bass and psychedelic keyboards.

For the past year, The Monochrome Set have trekked around the world in support of this artsty, adventurous return-to-form. And this Saturday, they’ll cruise through San Diego’s Soda Bar for what promises to be a true live music spectacle. Upon entering “Maisieworld,” prepare to have your mind expanded and your face melted.

Furthermore, openers for the show include local garage/surf-punk trio Sixes as well as moody Los Angeles pop group Smokescreens. The show starts up at 8:30, and tickets are going for $15-20. You can purchase tickets and find out more info HERE. Also, check out a couple tracks by The Monochrome Set below. Hope to see you there!

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