Jordan Raf: “Peony”

Jordan Raf is a Los Angeles artist who has been on our radar for quite some time. His 2016 debut album Double Negative was a hypnotic blend of chilled-out lo-fi indie rock and soulful R&B, as well as a showcase for his deep, guttural, and astonishingly emotive singing voice. And on top of that, one of our favorite rising musicians John War produced it. Raf also released a deeply macabre video for one-off single “Scales Of St. Michael,” which included a scene of a man pissing on his face, a shot of him playing actual Russian Roulette, and plenty of other strangely compelling footage.

Now, the chameleonic musician has released a towering new single called “Peony.” On this bold and lush ballad, Raf’s staggering vocals cut through a swirl of warped synths and throbbing bass rattles, anchored atop an ominous piano melody. The track’s whispery, echoey production (also courtesy of War) magnifies Raf’s brooding voice perfectly. It’s a song that swells and pulsates in trance-inducing ways, and it has us excited for what else he’s got in the works. With this song now released, it appears that Jordan Raf is gearing up for the release of a new record. We’ll definitely keep an eye on that situation. In the meantime, listen to “Peony” below via Soundcloud.

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