Bad Kids: ‘Love Is Where It Fell’ EP

Garage rock band Bad Kids have been one of San Diego’s buzziest acts for a couple years now. Lately, they’ve been cutting their teeth in the prolific local house show scene, and we’ve featured some of their tracks on past Barn Playlists – including the single “Pensive” on our recent February edition. And last week, they released a brand new four-song EP of shimmering, heart-on-your-sleeve alternative rock called Love Is Where It Fell. It’s packed with crisp, flowing guitar melodies, synthy atmospheric production, and poignant lyrics.

Opening track “Wanted Something” bursts out of the gate with gorgeous indie riffs, pulsating percussion, and singer Kalani’s pure, understated vocals. It’s a beautifully emotive song packed with subtle instrumentation and vibes of yearning and romantic longing. Meanwhile, the next track “Fantasma” is a faster, uptempo garage-punk track with vibrant Spanish-sung lyrics. Its catchy melodies and chugging rhythms coalesce perfectly, while the slowed-down doo-wop-esque parts inject heavy doses of the feels. After that, “Rollercoastin'” moves along with a more laid-back, psychedelic energy to it. And finally, the propulsive single “Pensive” brings the EP to a close with its anthemic lyrics and epic, cathartic chorus. Overall, Love Is Where It Fell is a creative leap forward for Bad Kids, and another excellent entry to a discography that includes their albums ‘Are You There’ and ‘Act Your Age.’

You can purchase Love Is Where It Fell HERE, and sample it below via Bandcamp. Also, they’re playing a show on April 5 at the Ché Café with fellow locals Ignant Benches and Lefties. Get tickets and info for that event HERE.

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