Neighborhood CEO: “Pop Star”

Neighborhood CEO is a rap trio from south Dallas featuring 17-year-old triplets One Glo, Shrimp Kaash, and Ducc. Of course, the most important ingredient in any successful rap group is chemistry, and it’s no wonder these brothers have it in spades. Their voices all contain a similar, syrupy autotune delivery, complementing one another perfectly as they take turns laying down dynamic verses. Late last year, the boys released their debut album Southside America, a charismatic set of modern trap and future-R&B styles. One of the record’s highlights was the opening trap anthem “PopStar,” which comes accompanied with a smoky and vivid music video highlighting the members’ infectious personalities and rapport.

Subtle synths and piano notes ignite behind pummeling hi-hats and the members’ sing-rap hybrid vocal styles. “I ain’t finna have that bullshit/ Pull up on you with a full clip/ And I’ma let that bitch rip/ Double cup Act I sip,” Shrimp Kaash exclaims, full of passion and laser-like focus. Guns, girls, drugs, money moves, and cars are all referenced in this ode to hustling in which the brothers compare their rough-and-tumble lifestyles to those of the “rockstars” and “popstars” who flex with cool ease. The track’s hazy music video features the trio rapping in an alley in matching leather jackets, intercut with shots of them flanked by sexy models in dim lighting and an array of translucent colors and camera filters. Overall, it’s a mesmerizing and sensual video that absolutely nails the energy that these three are putting out right now. You can acquire Southside America in all its forms HERE, and check out the video for “PopStar” below.

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