Negative Gemini: “Different Color Hair”

One of our favorite up-and-coming musicians, Negative Gemini, just released an effervescent and loungey new single called “Different Color Hair” on Adult Swim’s singles series. It’s the first new song we’ve heard from her since last year’s astounding¬†Bad Baby EP.

Over shimmering synth ripples and echoey lo-fi production, Gemini’s voice whispers and cuts through with boldness and urgency. Along with reverberating post-chillwave beats and noodling lead guitars, “Different Color Hair” is a laid-back and poignant musical swirl adding another sonic dimension to the rising vaporwave movement. It ends on a series of dissonant static stabs and careening samples that fill up the track’s cavernous spaces, and her voice strains through that crescendo with unbridled passion. Overall, it’s one you’re gonna throw on repeat for the rest of the day, and it’s got us absolutely buzzing for what else Negative Gemini has in store. You can buy it HERE and listen to it below via Bandcamp.

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