Neighborhood CEO: “Adderall” (feat. BFG Straap)

Just a couple days ago, we raved about Neighborhood CEO’s late 2018 breakthrough hit “PopStar,” and shared its mesmerizing video. And now, the Dallas rap trio comprised of triplets One Glo, Shrimp Kaash, and Ducc has released a hyped-up new single called “Adderall.” It’s another fiery banger showcasing the group’s visceral energy and irresistible chemistry.

Over a wistful piano-based beat with pulsating trap hi-hats, the brothers trade-off freewheeling rhymes about making money moves and popping study pills. Shrimp Kaash lets loose in one particularly jaw-dropping verse: “My momma keep calling I think that she worried/ I hung up the phone then looked at D.D./ She looked at the dashboard then me/ She said that the gas tank is on E/ Slow down, don’t worry D Money…” His radiant flow and vivid lyrics capture a careening, spiraling-out-of-control vibe that’s intoxicating and on-point. Meanwhile, another rising rapper BFG Straap throws down an inspired guest verse, bringing the track to its frenetic conclusion. Ultimately, “Adderall” is another explosive hit for Neighborhood CEO, and a clear sign that these gifted brothers are on the cusp of a major breakthrough. Seriously, with the right tunes and proper marketing, the mainstream ceiling for these guys is limitless. Listen to “Adderall” below before they blow up.

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