Hockeysmith: “Dare You”

Annie Hockeysmith is a musician and singer from Cornwall who records shimmering electronic pop with an experimental groove. She’s been performing and releasing music under the Hockeysmith moniker for a few years now, and she’s back with a new lineup and a towering new sound on the lush EP Tears At My Age, released in late January. Also, she just released a colorful and visually stunning music video for album closer “Dare You.”

Over fluttery house beats and wistful neo-R&B synths, Hockeysmith’s soothing voice soars and floats with a sense of wonder and Romanticism. Furthermore, amidst the track’s crunchy lo-fi atmospherics, the bouncy piano notes give it a delicate, ethereal kick that complements its propulsive dance-floor vibes. “Dare You” captures an eclectic rave aura that takes its cues from Cornwall’s rich electronic/dance community, and it firmly establishes Hockeysmith as a budding star within the scene. Furthermore, there’s a dreamy, post-modern edge to her most recent output that recalls the DIY-pop energy and Vaporwave exploration of American rising stars like Negative Gemini and George Clanton. In the track’s eye-popping video, translucent yellow, red, and blue neon camera filters adorn lush nature shots and clips of Hockeysmith performing and dancing with unbridled joy. Overall, it’s a radiant video that perfectly captures the track’s mood, and pure eye candy through and through.

Watch it below and purchase Tears At My Age HERE via Bandcamp.

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