Minimal Violence: ‘InDreams’

Minimal Violence is a skittering industrial techno duo from Vancouver consisting of producers Ashlee Luk and Lida P. Their latest track “InDreams” – as well as its Cardopusher Remix – dropped last week as the title track to their upcoming debut LP, set for release on April 26 via Technicolour. It’s a fast-paced slice of frenetic techno featuring glitchy, staticky atmospherics, propulsive rhythms, and careening synth quirks. Also, it captures an ominous gothic darkwave aura, packed with head-banging beats and countless psychedelic left turns.

In just over six minutes, “InDreams” pummels and rattles with haunting fury and a sense of constant velocity. The sonics ebb and flow and ultimately snowball into a disorienting, adrenaline-fueled crescendo anchored with clattering percussion and swelling dark synth noise. Overall, it feels like the soundtrack to an intense “Call Of Duty/Nazi-Zombies” videogame mash-up, while the more new wave-inspired Cardopusher remix resembles a film score to a kinetic ’80s cyberpunk thriller. We’re definitely amped to hear the rest of the album. You can pre-order InDreams by Minimal Violence HERE, and listen to the title track below via Soundcloud.

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