Drinking Boys and Girls Choir: ‘Keep Drinking’

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir is a trio from Daegu, South Korea that plays noisy, SoCal-influenced skate-punk. They’ve been around since 2012, and they’re one of the most exuberant and honest bands around. Beyond their insanely catchy and rapid-fire pop-punk jams, they have a youthful, fun-loving, drunk energy to them, as well as a mantra of gender inclusiveness (as their name suggests). Like any band emerging from a DIY scene, the members all have day jobs, and they all take vacation days whenever they need to tour. Recently they did just that for a US mini-tour that included several dates at South by Southwest. And earlier this month, the group released their excellent debut LP Keep Drinking.

The opening title track is a pummeling, melodic hardcore ripper that segues into the heavier, anthemic “National Police Shit.” Meanwhile, the next track “Stay Here” hits a real sweet spot, including a number of slower ska breakdowns mixed with blasts of shredding skate-punk power chords. Keep Drinking maintains a ferocious tempo all throughout, recalling legends like Descendents and 7 Seconds. Of course, everything feels incredibly heart-on-your-sleeve. “Oh My California” is particularly simple, yet poignant and affecting. I don’t speak Korean, but there’s apparently tons of lyrics about drinking, unsurprisingly. Also, the band produced the whole things themselves. Overall, it’s a stunning and varied debut for Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, and a sign of big things to come.

Hopefully, these rising DIY stars cycle back to the US and play some SoCal dates (where they belong). For now, you can purchase Keep Drinking HERE, and sample it below via Bandcamp.

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