Teen Body: “Dreamo”

Shoegazy Brooklyn dream-pop band Teen Body are releasing their sophomore album Dreamo on April 12 via Broken Circles. Earlier this month we shared the album’s captivating second single “Act Yr Age,” and now they’ve released its title track – a noisy, simmering slow burner – as well as its vibrant music video.

The chilled-out lo-fi guitar melody on “Dreamo” gives it an uplifting, buoyant quality as singer/guitarist Shannon Lee and bassist Alex French trade off poignant verses.  The song swells and simmers in hypnotically low-key ways as the second half coalesces around an enthralling, sugary riff, and Lee and French’s smooth vocal harmonies. Through its soft shoegaze layers, the track proves to be a true spiritual journey, and the creative and colorful music video highlights that. Under Lee’s direction, the video follows a ghostly clown named Dreamo as he wanders a rural countryside – eating bark and lighting things on fire. The band gets in on the fun as well, dancing with Dreamo in an open field, swimming in a pond, molding masks out of mud, and jamming out on makeshift instruments made out of twigs and rope. It’s a gorgeously surreal and frolicsome video that brings out the song’s playful nature. Watch it below. Also, you can pre-order Dreamo HERE.

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