Inspired & the Sleep: “Liaison”

LA band Inspired & the Sleep have returned with new song “Liaison,” another bright, shimmering tune with chilled-out atmospheric synths and groovy guitars. Hot on the heals of the trove of excellent singles the duo released last year, “Liaison” is a poignant, mid-tempo indie-pop ballad that fits right in with their sunny, eclectic impulses. Lush and delicate pop melodies are buoyed with pulsating basslines, funky guitar stabs, passionate heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics, and singer Max Greenhalgh’s gorgeously emotive vocal performance.

Striking a relaxed and longing vibe to propel us into the Summer months ahead, “Liaison” grooves and peaks with a pristine electric guitar solo, as well as sweeping samples befitting the track’s soaring chorus. “Im not the kind to settle/ But it all just stays the same with a lia, with a liaison,” croons Greenhalgh over an effervescent sonic tapestry. Eventually, all the track’s many subtle quirks coalesce and crescendo at the end in an epic, cathartic send-off. It’s a single that expertly mixes nostalgic and modern sensibilities – full of melancholic Romantic undertones – and another incredibly catchy jam for Inspired & the Sleep. With all these standalone singles piling up, I think we can expect some sort of full-length record to arrive later this year. Whenever that happens, we’ll bring you full coverage. In the meantime, you can purchase “Liaison” HERE, and listen to it below via Bandcamp.

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