We’re a day late, but no bother. This past month of music was a legendary one on the DIY front, and our playlist picks reflect that. As more albums drop, we get a sense that 2019 is shaping up to be a truly great one. While many mainstream artists are dominating the conversations, there’s still plenty of fiery under-the-radar artists simmering nicely out there. And like the beginning of every month, we’ve got that fix for you. Here’s what’s in store for our Barn Playlist for April.

We’ve got a trio of east Asian punk bands doing fascinating things, including buoyant Japanese noise-punks Chai, boozy Korean skate-punks Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, and aggressive Japanese thrash-punks Otoboke Beaver. You’ll also wanna stay tuned for some shimmering tunes from NYC dream-pop band Teen Body, Cornwall electro-pop artist Hockeysmith, and LA vaporware queen Negative Gemini. There’s also some brutal, melodic post-hardcore from Norway’s Brutus, infectious garage pop-punk from Australia’s Alex Lahey, and some syrupy Soundcloud rap from Dallas triplets Neighborhood CEO. Oh yeah, and then there’s the jaw-dropping, show-stopping return from the young legend Sky Ferreira. Overall, we’ve got tons of crowd pleasers as well as several experimental brain destroyers. Should hold you over until next month. Enjoy!

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