COMING SOON: “Now That’s What I Call Listening Party”


The very first At The Barn-produced podcast takes listeners through the pop music trends of the last twenty years, one NOW album at a time. “Now That’s What I Call Listening Party” is exactly what it sounds like – a true listening party.

Join our hosts Jeff, Chris, John, and Josh as each episode they listen to a NOW CD – beginning to end – critiquing each song as it plays in the background. Listen as they break down the quality of each song, discuss the context in which each became a hit, argue over whether the songs still hold up today, and share their own nostalgic memories associated with every track – all while throwing out details about chart placements, producer credits, and other musical tidbits.

The goal is simple: to trace the trends of pop music from 1998 to today, using the Now That’s What I Call Music series as living, breathing evidence, from NOW 1 all the way to *gasp* NOW 65?! Buckle up, pop music lovers. It’s going to be a long, bumpy ride!

COMING SOON: “What Could’ve Been?”


Did your favorite band break up years ago? Did your favorite singer meet an untimely death? Or maybe just lost the passion for their craft and gave up? And have you ever wondered what might have been if that didn’t happen?

On “What Could’ve Been?” music critic Jeff Cubbison devotes each episode to discussing one specific band or artist that disappeared before hitting their peak, or whose legacy may or may not have been slept on in the years since their untimely end. Listen as he unearths each musical act’s history, critiques the intricacies of their music, analyzes the reasons for their demise, and speculates what could’ve been had they continued – all while playing songs by each artist throughout the broadcasts. Early episodes will cover gone-too-soon artists such as Be Your Own Pet, WU LYF, Galaxie 500, Jai Paul, and Jay Electronica, among many others. It’s the perfect podcast for fans of under-the-radar music who also love a bit of music history!