KAGAMI Smile: “Anxiety”

KAGAMI Smile is an electronic music producer from Shenzhen, China with a wandering, psychedelic brand of techno. His latest record Anxiety showcases his heavy blend of hazy atmospherics and frenetic, pulsating rhythms.

Anxiety is his most dense and complete album to date, and in his own words, it’s a thoughtful dedication to his wife and newborn daughter. The confident, fearless production suggests that the record represents more than simply the anxieties of fatherhood. Rather, thematically it symbolizes the spiritual turning over of a new leaf; the act of embracing a new identity, and then all of the anxieties that come with it.

The album is exceptionally diverse, with songs oscillating between minimal and atmospheric (“Before,” “Feel Inside”) and crisp and frenzied (“Love,” “Falling”). The songs are rich with waves of looping static, and punctuated with ethereal beats and walloping vocal samples. It is deep, cerebral dance music that isn’t afraid to explore experimental and psychedelic sonic textures. KAGAMI Smile has acknowledged Andy Stott as a main influence, and that association is apt. And while much of Stott’s soundscapes can be highly introverted and cold, KAGAMI Smile’s style here feels bold and freeing.

Anxiety was released last week on English label Dream Catalogue, and is available for purchase HERE. Listen to “Love” below via Bandcamp:

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